Authorization for Initial Inspection


Vessel Information

Additional Information

To help us serve you better, please answer the following:
Did the unit run properly the last time it was used?
Have any services been performed recently?
If yes, did Kirk Marine perform the latest service?
Have you noticed any reduced performance?
Have you noted any alarms or warnings?
Have you noted any fluids leaks? (oil, coolant, etc.)
Have you noted any unusual noises?
Has the unit ever been rolled over or submerged?
Has the unit ever struck a submerged object?
Are you the original owner of the unit?
What are your areas of concern?

Cost for inspection and diagnostics

The base fee for the initial inspection or diagnostic service is $85. If the anticipated cost for repairs or additional services exceeds $85, you will receive an estimate before proceeding.
How would you like your estimate?(Required)

Terms of Service

Hereafter, Kirk Marine is listed as KMS or Kirk Marine Service.

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