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6 Tips On How To Paddle Straight

Here’s a few tips in keeping you “in line” on your next paddleboard adventure.

Sometimes just paddling straight seems like such a chore! Although wind and water conditions can play a part in how straight you go, there are other factors within your technique that play a huge impact on your course. Here’s a few tips in keeping you “in line” on your next paddleboard adventure:

  1. Make sure you have your weight distributed evenly through your feet as much as possible. In your hip rotation, if you heavily press down on either foot, you may distort your path to one side or another.
  2. Keep your eyes on the horizon!
  3. Make sure you are moving the paddle in a straight line from the catch phase of your stroke through the exit….DO NOT PADDLE THE SHAPE OF YOUR BOARD’s RAIL!
  4. Ensure your blade angle is square in the catch and throughout the power phase. Angling the blade in either direction can create yaw. A yaw motion is a side to side movement of the nose.
  5. Keep your paddle shaft vertical with the top hand right outside the rail of the board…shoulders stacked and top hand over the bottom hand.
  6. A fin with a large surface area can help with better tracking however, I find MOST of the time the above mentioned are the prime culprits of veering off line.


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